You’re familiar.

Today was the first cold day of the year and Vali shivered slightly, wrapping his arms around himself. He hardly minded the temperature, only the whistling wind that was messing up his hair and took his breath away was a reason to complain.
¬†When he closed his eyes he could almost see the flickering of the warm and cozy fire in the living room being reflected by the little mountain of furs he had claimed as his and liked to snuggle into when the nights were extremely cold. But no, he had not left too long ago and was not… mentally ready to go back home yet. He needed the timeout from his brother and mother direly.

Tugging at his wide and warm pullover Vali walked down the wet street. The puddles reflected the yellow light of the street lamps and strangers passed him by wordlessly, not even looking at the boy who strolled around the streets at night. Shops were at both sides of the streets, some already closing. Coffee bars were still crowded and made the whole street smell of coffee, cigarettes and baked goods. A man who was holding his hat down with one hand and a bag in the other bumped into Vali. He mumbled an apology and continued to hurry down the street, vanishing in one of the numerous small alleys that lead behind the shops and to the apartment buildings.

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    Vali chuckled and clung to his father’s arm, pulling him into the direction his father had seemed to want to go. “C’mon,...
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    Feeling out of place Vali smiled shyly. He could feel how tense and nervous his father was and it increased his own...